Case Study: Leadership Consulting

Transforming Internal Hiring Processes and Building a High-Performing Recruitment Team

We were approached by a large Construction Manager seeking to improve their recruiting processes in several key areas, including better communication between HR and hiring managers, overspending on third-party recruiting services, and improving candidate engagement and tracking. After three years of working closely with the organization, Jackson was able to achieve the following results:

  • Expanded the internal recruiting team from one member to a team of five across multiple office locations.
  • Conducted company-wide discussions to enhance referrals from current employees and trade partners, resulting in an increase in high-quality referrals.
  • Hosted meetings with C-Suite leadership to educate them on recruiting realities and better ways to communicate with internal recruiting.
  • Improved the Time to Fill ratio by 34%, allowing for a more efficient and effective recruitment process.
  • Improved the interview process to ensure the right stakeholders were involved in the right interviews, resulting in better candidate assessments.
  • Helped establish an internal CRM tailored to the construction industry, allowing for better candidate engagement and tracking and enabling recruiters to measure KPIs.
  • Established a uniform third-party agreement that protected the company and was motivating to top-tier search firms.
  • Established a “check-in” program for new hires, reducing fall-offs by over 47% in the first year.
  • Developed a framework for an ownership program that rewards current employees and provides an exit strategy for current ownership.

Overall, Jackson’s efforts helped the Construction Manager achieve their goals of improving recruiting processes, reducing costs, and enhancing candidate engagement and retention.

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