Case Study: Competitive Hiring Process

For our client, a nationally recognized construction manager providing EPC services to the heavy industrial construction industry, we facilitated a competitive hiring process for a senior management role. Here are the key steps that Jackson took:

  • We worked closely with the client to develop a press release announcing the position opening and application process
  • We collaborated with the client to formalize a process for internal candidates to participate in the hiring process.
  • Internal candidates meeting the requirements and interested in the position were invited to submit their application and resume to the client’s Vice President of Human Resources.
  • External candidates interested in the position were required to submit their application and resume on one of the following platforms: Clients website, Jackson website, LinkedIn, Indeed or via an email setup specifically for this Executive Search
  • Jackson managed the entire application process, from the press release stage to categorizing the applications related to the position, including managing the application process itself.
  • Internal employees were encouraged to recommend external candidates for the position.
  • Jackson proactively used its Executive Search division to conduct outreach to the “passive” candidate pool.
  • Jackson’s proprietary database was used to actively source viable candidates.
  • Jackson’s proprietary research team identified qualified candidates not currently in Jackson’s network.
  • Interested candidates had a four-week window to submit their cover letter and resume to Jackson.
  • After the four-week process, the client narrowed down the candidate pool to 15 candidates out of over 167 applications.
  • Jackson’s team conducted 30-50 minute phone screens for each of the 15 candidates to arrive at a shortlist of seven candidates for the position
  • Jackson narrowed the list down to seven (7) candidates who would then move on to completion of the Client’s array of assessments
  • Based on the assessments the client narrowed the list further to four candidates
  • A through verbal evaluation for each of the four candidates was then conducted by a Sr. Member of Jackson’s Leadership Consulting division

Following the final candidate(s) evaluations, Jackson submitted a comprehensive brief for each candidate.  This brief included Jackson’s overall assessment of the candidate and provided the Client questions for their face to face interview with each candidate

  • Following the selected candidates face to face interviews at the Client’s corporate office, the client selected an internal candidate for the position
  • Jackson assisted the client with the structure of the compensation package for the candidate and overall negotiation process

Based on Jackson’s initial evaluations and the results of the assessments, Jackson conducted an in-depth evaluation of each candidate.

Once Jackson’s in-depth evaluation was complete, we provided the client with a full brief on each candidate in preparation for face-to-face interviews between senior leadership and each candidate.

Jackson assisted with all interview coordination and compensation negotiations with teh selected candidate.

Result:  Our client selected an internal candidate for the position

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