Chief Operating Officer (COO) Multi-State Contractor

As part of their long-term strategic plan, a Top 200 ENR ranked contractor sought to expand beyond their typical footprint by two methods. Geographic expansion and adding new verticals to their portfolio.

When Jackson’s executive search team started working with the company, they had already made large strides in the assessment of their current team and identified the areas they were weak in.

In this case, the company had grown so rapidly they simply had no one to promote from within who could handle the expected revenue and growth that would accompany the two-pronged expansion plan.


Jackson chose two main areas to focus on for the company:


  1. Assess an in-house team to confirm findings and evaluate the local talent pool
  2. Conduct a national search to expand the candidate pool significantly

Jackson’s first step was to conduct several in-house interviews of stakeholders and potential candidates alike. We then created a comprehensive report that confirmed their previous findings: strong, young talent pool void of Sr. Leadership.
Due to the small size of the market this company covers, there were simply no other qualified candidates in town who matched the search criteria.

Once determined, we began a national search and short listed five candidates within 64 days. These candidates had backgrounds that met at least eighty percent of the specifications our client desired.


Two candidates were ultimately hired, one for a Chief Operating Officer position and the other for a (new) Division Manager role.

Over the course of the last several months the organization has experienced more cohesiveness and communication among the leadership team. The younger leadership has been provided with a steady experienced leader who can help bridge the gap to the future.