Matt Jackson – Our Founder and CEO
Search Industry Veteran, Wall Street Journal subscriber since the age of 12.

Lots of kids look up to their dads. Only some seek to emulate them. From a very early age, Matt Jackson watched his hardworking father rise from humble roots through the ranks of the business world. His father’s work ethic and commitment to integrity would inspire Matt to establish Jackson & Associates in 2000.

Always passionate about how businesses and people work, Matt began to subscribe to the Wall Street Journal at age 12, receiving the publication in rural Arkansas via mail. By his 18th birthday, Matt joined a Texas-based construction search firm, routinely putting in 12-hour days while also attending college full time.

Matt would go on to start his own search and recruiting firm at age 20, while completing his degree in Business Administration from the University of Central Arkansas.

Matt credits his success to being a committed listener and having the great fortune of working with several of the nation’s leading organizations and executives. His greatest strength? Matt says: “I’ve always been naturally curious about people — to listen and learn how they think, why they make the choices they do, what their real goals are, what motivates them.”

Today Matt leads a team of professional executive recruiters from offices in Conway, Arkansas, where he also continues to manage high-level executive searches for clients, helping them to build great companies.

Meet our Infrastructure Practice Leader, Travis Justice

As Practice Leader of Jackson & Associates’ Infrastructure Division, Travis leads a team of industry-specific recruiters specializing in every aspect of heavy civil construction, from highways and bridges to treatment plants and utilities. He also presides over a variety of specialty sectors, including environmental remediation and demolition.

Travis’s personal clientele includes a wide array of construction companies running the gamut from rapidly growing startups to publicly traded giants. He has built these relationships upon a foundation of professionalism and integrity and reinforced them with thoroughness and dependability.