Matt Jackson – Our Founder and CEO
Executive Search Consultant with over 23 years of experience.

As an executive search consultant, Matt Jackson takes prides in connecting top talent with the best companies in the construction, manufacturing and skilled trades industries. Whether he is assisting small-to mid-sized companies find new leaders or tasked with locating a new CEO for a multi-billion-dollar corporation, his commitment to helping companies solve complex problems never wavers.

Where it all started.

When Matt founded Jackson & Associates, Inc. in 2000, his goal was to nurture relationships so he could pair the best people with the right company. After successfully completing searches in 31 states while assisting more than two dozen members of Engineering News-Record’s Top 400 List, he has demonstrated a unique ability to help construction companies grow their revenue through successful talent acquisition and in-house strategies designed to improve employee morale, evaluate compensation levels and provide hybrid services for third party evaluation of their in-house candidates.


Matt continues to prove that recruitment is about more than a strong workforce. It is also about investing in people through education, conflict resolution and employee engagement. He understands that staffing costs are the bulk of company budgets, making this a critical area where failure can result in high turnover rates, severely impacting budgets.

Matt has spent more than 20 years honing his skills. Working as senior project coordinator at age 18 ignited his passion for consulting work and prompted him to seek a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Central Arkansas. After founding Jackson & Associates, Inc., Matt launched the subsidiary Jackson Executive Search, focusing on senior level and C-suite executive searches in addition to consulting services. In this role, he utilizes a variety of strategies to develop or improve in-house recruiting departments.

For Matt, helping the construction sector stay strong brings him satisfaction as he continues to expand his services to current and new clients.