It Takes a Village to Recruit and Retain Top Talent

An old proverb tells us that it takes a village to raise a child. While we can’t precisely pinpoint the origins of this much-repeated piece of sage advice, business owners can apply the benefits of communal effort to their recruiting and retaining endeavors.

In today’s job market where the talent wields the leverage, businesses need their entire organization to buy-in and present a consistent front that appeals to the best candidates.

Here are some ways you can utilize your entire organization to recruit and retain talent.

Share Job Postings with Your Team to Utilize Their Networks

Depending on the size and structure of your organization, your employees might not be aware that you are actively looking to fill a role. In order to identify the best available candidate for the role, you’ll want to grow a good-sized talent pool. When it comes to boosting the size of your talent pool, your employees can play a valuable part.

Each of your employees have has his or her own network of people—and someone in that network may be the perfect hire for your vacancy. By spreading the word amongst your team that you’re hiring, you tap into each of these networks and amplify your search. Even employees that are in different divisions than your vacancy might know a qualified candidate. For example, someone in accounting may be acquainted with the ideal preconstruction manager that your company is looking for.

Have a Team-Based Interview Approach

When you reach the point of the hiring process at which you begin interviewing candidates, deploying a team-based interview approach is a great way to select the best candidate. A team-based approach features several employees from different roles within the company interviewing candidates, instead of simply a department head or dedicated HR employee.

By having different employees from separate roles interview candidates, you’re able to get a more rounded read on the candidate. Each employee will use a different style to interview a candidate—they’ll ask different questions and generate different responses.  The more information your organization can receive about your talent pool, the more confident you’ll be in your final hiring decision.

Build Culture Through Your Team

When there is a talent shortage, as would apply to the job market today, retaining your employees is very important. Driving loyalty and retention with your current batch of employees will limit the number of new hires you’ll have to make. One of the many ways that you can drive employee retention is to build a strong culture.

How can you build a strong culture? Each industry and work environment will require a slightly different culture recipe, but by having some fun, setting transparent goals, developing and sticking to core values, and building a team of people who share in the company’s vision is a great way to build an attractive work culture.

Once you’ve developed a work culture, it’s up to the entire team to buy-in and continue to maintain that culture. Having a strong work culture will help your company retain talent, and it will also help you when it comes to recruiting talent.

If you’re looking to improve your company’s recruiting and retaining efforts, take note of some of the tips provided above. With your entire village (organization) contributing to your hiring and retaining strategies, you’ll be well on your way to finding and keeping the best talent.

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