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Search Assignment:  President, Top 400 Contractor

On a scale of 1 to 10, where would you rank Jackson on the following services:

  • Quality of Candidates Submitted - 10
  • Presentation Format of Resumes - 10
  • Recruiter's Availability - 10
  • Recruiter's Professionalism - 10
  • Recruiter's Knowledge of Industry - 10
  • Recruiter's Knowledge of Hiring Process -10

What areas could Jackson improve upon?
I cannot think of any.  They were very knowledgeable and after a few conversations, knew exactly what type of candidate we needed.

What did you find most valuable in using Jackson's services?
Their knowledge base in the construction industry.  We were very specific in wanting to find the right person, with a strong knowledge base of our area.  They were able to find candidates for us to interview that met our requirements.

If asked to recommend a search firm, would you recommend Jackson?
Without question.  I have never liked working with search firms.  Most are normally arrogant and think that they know more about what we are looking for than we do.  They seem to be more about placing a "body" to earn a fee, than taking time to find the right match.

Please summarize your feelings about Jackson's search services.
The consultant listened to us about what we needed - both in technical and personality traits.  We discussed what wasn't working under our present leadership and what we needed to do to correct it.  We were presented five excellent candidates, all which were interviewed.  We were able to select a candidate that we feel can take our company above and beyond our expectations!  And in a very short period of time!  Jackson & Associates is a very professional organization.  We would use them again without hesitation.

S. Johnson, Director
Top 400 Contractor



About Us


December 28, 2008

Jackson & Associates is proud to announce that 2008 marked their seventh consecutive record year.   

"Our continued success would not be possible without our dedicated staff and the clients and candidates in which we serve.  We realize that we are only as good as the last search completed and are relentless in our approach to provide world class executive search services to the best construction companies in the world"

Matt Jackson
President & CEO

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